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does your child

struggle with reading?

Did you know the following difficulties can all be caused by vision problems?

how to

help: play

Engaging Eyes

To read efficiently you need:

  • Strong CONVERGENCE - the ability to focus both eyes on the same letter
  • Strong EYE TRACKING - to move your eyes across the page
  • Strong SACCADES - to jump down to the next line

Playing Engaging Eyes daily improves these vision skills, then you will be able to READ FASTER, MORE ACCURATELY and FOR LONGER.

Convergence is not fully tested by opticians or in the reception eye test, so normally convergence problems remain undiagnosed.

Engaging Eyes is a series of online games which train both eyes to converge on a single point, encourage you to track a moving object, and improves rapid eye movements.

Each player needs a separate account. It is suitable for children 5+ and adults.

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